For over a decade, Joe Madeo has been a one man creative force, building everything from lingerie lines to storefronts to underground boxing rings. To those of us that know him, Joe has also been one of the best people to hang out with, work with, and party with. He is that ultra-rare breed of artist that is as motivated and reliable as he is dedicated to his craft, as well as the general enjoyment of life and its’ great bounty of pleasures.

Unfortunately, a couple of years back, Joe was diagnosed with a rare and VERY BAD version of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. Because of his incredible strength, he has been able to repeatedly defeat it, but the SOB just won’t quit. At this point all surgical options and most mainstream treatment options have been exhausted. But there is no cause for despair!

Joe has been blessed with an incredibly strong immune system, and with the proper regiment of holistic medicines and treatments, nutrition and supplements, we (and many of the doctors who have worked with Joe) believe that he can once again beat this thing, or at least hold it off for another decade or three.

Thank You!



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